How to Control PUBG Mobile Game Addiction?

We all know that excess of anything is bad, be it a video game or anything. However, one must also know that we can control any addiction by proper measures. To begin with, try to lessen the time you spend on the game. Leaving it all of a sudden is impractical so set aside a fixed time and try to play it in that specific one.

Similarly, try to divert your mind. Do not always stay indoors. Go out and indulge in physical activities. When you will have other things to do, your mind won’t go towards the game. So, meet your friends and take up other hobbies.

Moreover, try to spend time with your family instead of scrolling through the phone or playing your game. When you will be surrounded by your loved ones, you will not care about anything else. So, utilize your time carefully instead of playing PUBG.

Q.1 What is the impact of PUBG mobile game addiction?

A.1 PUBG mobile game is very harmful. It creates a constraint between personal relationships. Moreover, it also hampers the professional life of a person. Similarly, the youth waste their time and neglect their studies just to play this game.

Q.2 How to control PUBG Mobile game addiction?

A.2 There are many ways to control this addiction. One must set a specific time for their gaming. Moreover, always identify and avoid triggers. Moreover, try to divert your mind from the game and indulge in time with friends and family.

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